Hi, do you want an even better discount?

$ 3.75 for 30 days
* when buying a key for 1 year
License key 180 days
Price 45 USD discount 35.00%
* the price includes ***.*****.** *** product price + **.** *** commission
~ the exact cost depends on the exchange rate of your bank
Product description
PayPal payment method available for 180-day and 360-day license key.

Key for the premium version of the program for 180 days.

The program for creating and running macros on a regular mouse and keyboard, supports macros from gaming mice in * amc format and also has its own built-in editor with additional features.
An alternative payment gateway is used : Cancel
If other payment methods fail, use PayPal for keys with durations of 180 days and 360 days.
Write to us about the difficulties in payment by mail [email protected]
Bank cards are not accepted at the moment. Use PayPal.
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