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The cutting-edge program for creating and using macros on any mouse and keyboard setup. Whether its suppressing recoil in combat or automating MMO tasks, Keyran has something for everybody. Over 11000 free macros for everyone to use.
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Any mouse and keyboard

The program is suitable for any mouse and keyboard. Now you don't need to buy expensive devices with macro support.

Free macros

Our database contains over 11000 ready-made macros for most popular games. You can download them for free in the program or on the website.

Business processes

Streamlines workflow and automates repetitive tasks at work and at home.

Can work with a minimized window;
There is color recognition and random delays;
Supports macros from gaming devices in *amc format;
Fits any mouse and keyboard;
Easy macro editor without memory limitations;
Incognito mode makes it harder for security tools to detect;
Requires no knowledge to set up and use;

OC: Win 7/Win 8/Win 8.1/Win 10/Win 11

Program overview


Version 1.3.6 Update Date 24 December, 2023
  • Improved algorithms for launching the incognito version;
Version 1.3.5 Update Date 24 July, 2023
  • Added mouse movement to random coordinates;
  • Added a macro command to search for color in a screen area;
  • Added a magnifying glass when inserting coordinates in a macro using a slider;
  • Added overlay highlighting of the cursor when working with coordinates in the macro editor;
  • Added a menu command in the macro editor that allows opening a file or folder in the file explorer;
  • Fixed an issue where the loop counter did not reset when exiting it with a go-to command to a line outside the loop;
  • Fixed the operation of the color detection command, now when checking the color range, the FROM value can be greater than the TO value;
  • Fixed an error that occurred when selecting a color with negative coordinates when using a second monitor;
  • Fixed an issue where the coordinate or color pointer slider in the macro editor did not stop when pressing Alt+Tab and in some other cases;
  • Updated the descriptions of some commands;
  • Optimized the speed of displaying ready-made macros when there are too many of them;
  • Fixed an error when scrolling that led to high CPU load;
  • Fixed system errors;
Version 1.3.4 Update date 02 February, 2023
  • Fixed system errors;
Version 1.3.3 Update date 27 January, 2023
  • Fixed issue with encrypted channel access;
Version 1.3.2 Update date 08 December, 2022
  • A new option has been added to the driver settings that allows you to load the driver when the program starts;
  • Fixed an issue where keyboard buttons were not pressed when trying to run the program through hotkeys while recording a macro;
  • Fixed a bug where the sound notification of a new message was played 2 times when starting the incognito version;
  • Fixed a bug in the color definition command in which in some cases the data was not changed during editing;
Version 1.3.1 Update date 08 November, 2022
  • Darkened the delay commands in the editor, for a better understanding of the macro logic;
  • Fixed typos in UI text;
  • Fixed some system bugs;
Version 1.3.0 Update date 13 August, 2022
  • Fixed slow opening of the macro assignment menu with a large number of files;
  • Fixed a bug where the first delay in a macro was not always executed;
Version 1.2.9 Update date 31 July, 2022
  • Changed appearance of the license manager window;
Version 1.2.8 Update date 05 July, 2022
  • Improved algorithms for launching the incognito version;
Version 1.2.7 Update date 24 June, 2022
  • Now the program will be updated to the current version not at the time of use, but only when the program is launched. So that updates do not interfere with the operation of the program;
  • Fixed incorrect opening of the driver settings, instead of them, a tab with mouse settings was opened;
  • Fixed system errors;
Version 1.2.6 Update date 21 June, 2022
  • Fixed incorrect work of macros in Windows 11;
Version 1.2.3 - 1.2.5 Update date 1 June, 2022
  • Added variable command. The command allows you to jump to a specific line based on variables that can be assigned a value, increase and decrease;
  • Added macro debugging. Added the ability to set breakpoints in the macro editor;
  • When the program is running, the icon with the number of the profile that is currently active is displayed in the tray;
  • Added automatic offset of the beginning and end of the cycle when adding lines before or after the cycle;
  • Added selection of cycles in the macro editor: indent, vertical bar and highlighting the beginning and end of the cycle;
  • Added new menus for working with cycles (go to the beginning/end of the cycle);
  • Changed the logic of loops in cases where the loop command is above the line it refers to. Previously, such commands were ignored, now the loop will be executed;
  • Changed active loop highlight color;
  • Optimized the speed of adding new commands in the macro editor;
  • Fixed showing ads 2 times in a row when incognito mode is enabled;
  • Hidden loading window when 'Minimize to tray on startup' is enabled;
  • Tray program name changed;
  • Algorithm for launching the incognito version has been changed;
  • Changed popup menu design to dark in editor;
  • Fixed macro synchronization. The operation algorithm is simple, if the file exists on the PC and in the cloud, then the program looks at the time the file was last modified and, depending on which one is newer, is uploaded to the cloud or downloaded to the PC. There used to be a bug, if you set the clock on the PC forward (to the future), the files are synchronized with this time and when the OS settings are returned to the correct time, these files will never be uploaded to the server until they reach the date of synchronization. Thus, no matter what changes are in the file, it will always be pulled from the server. Now, if a local or server file has an incorrect time (from the future), then the local file will have a greater value and it will be updated in the cloud;
Version 1.2.2 Update date 28 March, 2022
  • Fixed problem with macro synchronization. In some cases, they might not be downloaded on a PC with different regional and language settings;
Version 1.2.1 Update date 18 March, 2022
  • Fixed the error «No connection to the server» that occurred when starting the program from some countries;
  • Added ability to use HTTPS proxy in settings;
Version 1.2.0 Update date 26 November, 2021
  • Fixed a bug with starting the program when using a hotkey while displaying an ad;
  • Fixed a bug with minimizing the window in the download macros section;
  • Fixed issue with SSL access;
  • Fixed error connecting to the server in case of insufficient permissions when accessing the registry;
  • Fixed a bug where it was impossible to download new messages from authorized users;
Version 1.1.9 Update date 10 November, 2021
  • Changed the loading base of macros. Now it will be loaded when you access the database, not when you load the program as before;
  • Fixed system bugs;
Version 1.1.8 Update date 27 September, 2021
  • Added warning about key re-binding;
  • Fixed bug with getting demo period in incognito version;
  • Fixed issue with crashes;
  • Fixed incorrect operation of the keyboard shortcut;
  • Fixed a bug with minimizing the program;
Version 1.1.6 - 1.1.7 Update date 11 September, 2021
  • Fixed a bug when the standard Windows antivirus swore at the installer;
  • Fixes related to incorrect transfer;
  • Fixes related to the problem of registration of new users;
  • Fixed a bug when the profile crashed;
  • Fixed a bug with incorrect display of the time until the end of the premium;
Version 1.1.5 Update date 10 September, 2021
  • The program is out of testing;
  • Fixed system bugs;
Version 1.0.7 - 1.1.4 Update date 05 September, 2021
  • Correction of minor bugs and software errors;
Version 1.0.6 Update date 01 September, 2021
  • A streamer mode has been added to the settings, which hides all non-presentable icons and some confidential information from the profile (in the list of sessions it hides the name of the city, ip-address, etc.);
  • Added smooth scrolling function;
  • Added 3 scrolling speeds;
  • Changed the operation of moving the mouse when the checkbox is enabled in the program settings: «Use the driver to control the mouse in macros»;
Version 1.0.5 Update date 23 August, 2021
  • Added scroll animation on hover and click;
  • Fixed that when you click on the scroll bar, it does not react in any way until you start moving it. And it will move from the place where it was clicked;
  • Fixed a bug where the settings profile got lost when updating;
  • Fixed a bug where the update window would freeze;
Version 1.0.2 - 1.0.4 Update date 26 July, 2021
  • Fixed broken links;
  • Fixed system bugs;
Version 1.0.1 Update date 13 July, 2021
  • The program switched to open testing;
  • Fixed incorrect work by coordinates;
  • Many internal fixes and improvements;
Version 1.0.0 Update date 05 June, 2021
  • The program has entered closed testing;
  • Completely redesigned structure, design and name of the program;
  • The Windows tray icon is now not just a logo, but a full-fledged indicator! If the background color is red, then the program is stopped, if it is green, then it is running;
  • Driver activation and window binding are now located on the main screen of the program. To activate the options, just click on the small switch;
  • Added additional keys for bind, as well as NumPad keyboard;
  • There is now a unique identifier on the main screen of the program. You need this code to contact the program support service, all you need to do is copy (RMB) and send it to any free moderator;
  • Ability to assign macros to keyboard shortcuts;
  • Macros can now be assigned to wheel scrolling;
  • Added hotkey function for switching between profiles;
  • A function has become available that allows you to use a software driver to control the mouse. This feature will eliminate many problems associated with incorrect operation of macros relative to the mouse.;
  • Added streamer mode. The option will remove all confidential information from all sections of the program;
  • Functions such as copy, paste, cut, expand, collapse, select became available in the editor;
  • Added a function for sorting macros in the list, and you can also store them in folders, move between folders, move the folders themselves;
  • Added random delay function;
  • Also, the following commands have been added: go to the specified line, loops, add a comment, command to change the language;
  • By popular demand, color detection is also available.;
  • The structure of the macro has become even easier to edit thanks to the function of shifting delays and coordinates;
  • Search by games and macros has been added to the macro database;
  • Added sorting of macros in the list of games;
  • When you reject your macro, you will now receive a notification with the reason for rejection and the comment of the moderator;
  • Also, a huge number of small changes and interesting Easter eggs await you in our major update;
  • Rebranding, name and design changed;


Keyran is shareware. The program has a demo period, which you can use every day for free for a limited amount of time, if this time is not enough, you can purchase a license key that removes restrictions on the use of the program, disables ads and gives access to more than 11000 ready-made macros. After payment, the license key will be sent to the mail specified during payment and will also be displayed on the monitor screen.

Try it for free and decide if it's worth buying!

License key 30 days
$8.93 $8.50 Cheaper by $0.43
$8.50 / 30 days
Removes time limits
Access to 11000 ready-made macros
Without advertising
General support priority
Remote configuration option
License key 180 days
$47.25 $31.50 Cheaper by $15.75
$5.3 / 30 days
Removes time limits
Access to 11000 ready-made macros
Without advertising
General support priority
Remote configuration option
License key 360 days
$94.50 $45.00 Cheaper by $49.50
$3.8 / 30 days
Removes time limits
Access to 11000 ready-made macros
Without advertising
High priority tech support
Remote configuration option
After purchasing the license key, you will be able to return the funds in accordance with the terms of the return.


We cooperate with leading world and Russian companies and during our work have earned the status of a reliable partner.

See the full list of partners and mentions about us on the Internet.



If you have any problems using the program, please indicate the Support ID. You can find it in the upper right corner of the program (copy with the right key).

If you have suggestions for improving the program or you have found a bug, please let us know via the feedback form.