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Crossbow with high DPS
The macro "Crossbow with high DPS" for "Albion Online" can be downloaded and used on any mouse and keyboard.
Installing the macro is with one movement in the Keyran program and increases your skill level in Albion Online, if you follow the instructions!
Your main task in this build is to inflict maximum damage to mob clusters in the Albion Online game. However, if your Raid Leader (RL) asks you to focus on a specific target, you must follow his instructions.

You will need the following skills and items to achieve maximum DPS (Damage per Second):

1. The Explosive Arrow (Q) skill is the main attack that you will use to spam and damage mob clusters.

2. The Caltrope Skill (W) is another skill that you will use along with the Explosive Arrow (Q) to increase your damage and spread the explosion to more mobs.

3. Passive skill «Good Preparation» (2nd passive skill) - This passive skill improves your «Explosive Arrow» (Q) and allows you to send exploding arrows (Q).

4. Obsessive Burst (R) is a skill that significantly increases your damage. Use it to increase your effective DPS.

5. Caerleon Cape is an item that will help you spam the «Explosive Arrow» (Q) and increase damage per second. In most cases, it is more effective than the Demon Cape.

Now in the order of action:
1. Use the Obsessive Burst (R) skill to activate enhanced damage.
2. Then, use the Evasion skill (E) to escape from danger or interruption.
3. Start spamming the «Explosive Arrow» (Q) on a cluster of mobs: Q -> Q -> Q.
4. Next, activate the «Caltrops» skill (W) and spam the «Explosive Arrow» (Q) again: Q -> Q -> Q.
5. Use the «Detonator» skill (D) to forcibly detonate all «Explosive Arrows» (Q) on mobs and inflict additional damage.
6. After that, repeat the «Bursting Arrow» spam (Q) : Q -> Q.
7. In case you use Caerleon Cape, activate the Purple Power skill (F) to increase damage and continue spamming Q: Q -> Q.
8. After that, using the «Caltrops» skill (W) again: W.
9. Complete the sequence with the «Bursting Arrow» spam (Q): Q -> Q.

Please note that in order to achieve maximum DPS, you need to pay attention to the explosion from the «Explosive Arrow» (Q) and use the «Evasion» skill (E) to spam. This will allow you to effectively avoid damage reduction when the skill activation is delayed.

Using this build and following the described sequence, you will be able to inflict maximum damage to mob clusters in Albion Online. Good luck in the battles!
Author: Diaz123
Update: 01/29/2024 20:00:27
Free download macro «Crossbow with high DPS» for «Albion Online». To use it, read the installation instructions.
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Home » Games » Albion Online » Macro: Crossbow with high DPS
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