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Rotation to the crossbow to the world
The macro "Rotation to the crossbow to the world" for "Albion Online" can be downloaded and used on any mouse and keyboard.
Installing the macro is with one movement in the Keyran program and enhances your gaming experience!
In this role, you will have to deal maximum damage to mob clusters by focusing on them, unless the raid leader wants you to work on a specific goal first. Your main damaging ability is the Explosive Arrow(Q), which you will use in combination with the Trap(W) and the passive skill «Well Prepared» (2nd passive) to make the most of the spam with the Explosive Arrow(Q). In this case, spam Q will be your main source of damage.

For additional damage enhancement, you will also use the Relentless Power(R) skill, which significantly increases your attack. 

We recommend wearing Royal Sandals or Perseverance Boots to provide additional support for your attacks. However, it all depends on the decision of the raid leader - some may prefer to see you in Carleon's cloak, then you can use spam Q even more effectively and deal triple damage with an Explosive arrow. If you choose to use Carleon's cloak, your skill rotation will be as follows:

R > F > Q > Q > Q > W > E > Q > Q > D > W > Q > Q

After that, be sure to keep an eye on your passivity and strive to get as many double Q's as possible using the passive skill Well prepared. This will help you maximize the potential of the ability and achieve high damage.

It is important to remember that your role is to deal damage to mob clusters and support the team, so make decisions in accordance with the overall strategy and instructions of the raid leader.
Author: Diaz123
Update: 02/04/2024 20:22:44
Free download macro «Rotation to the crossbow to the world» for «Albion Online». To use it, read the installation instructions.
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Home » Games » Albion Online » Macro: Rotation to the crossbow to the world
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