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Conqueror's Blade
Welcome, fellow gamers, to the exciting world of medieval battle and glory that is Conqueror's Blade! With this game, your strategic skills will be put to an incredible test. You will have to manage an army, conquer enemy lands and win the hearts of your enemies. Meet the Keyran program and its unique macros! Forget about monotony and repetitive actions - thanks to "Keyran" you can create macros that automate the most complex combinations and attacks. Free yourself from routine actions and fully immerse yourself in the world of tactics and strategy. Fight your enemies using your cunning and skill, while "Keyran" will take care of routine tasks. For example, create a macro for cohesive maneuvering during an assault, allowing you to focus on tactics. Or set up a macro to accurately allocate resources between lands, speeding up the development process!
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Home » Games » Conqueror's Blade
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