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DMO Monster card farming
The macro "DMO Monster card farming" for "Digimon Masters Online" can be downloaded and used on any mouse and keyboard.
Installing the macro is very easy in the Keyran program and enhances your gaming experience!
Good evening, macroers! Today I will give you the perfect macro for fast farming of monster cards.

First, you will need a few things:
1) The ID of the magnetic card so that you don't have to collect everything yourself.
2) A powerful digimon with AOE (F3) skill. I recommend any X-digimon, but Magnamon is also suitable. If you don't have a strong digimon that can instantly kill every digimon with F3, you'll have to change the macro so that it cycles to F3 to kill every digimon.
3) Enable the option to summon 10 cards at a time. If you don't have it, change the macro so that it does 100 cycles on the first loop (instead of 10).
4) The screen resolution should be full screen in DMO and 1920 x 1080 or 1680 x 1050 on your screen.

Now, as for the macro:
1) First test the macro to see where the mouse will land, and make sure that you have your magnetic card in that place.
2) After you finish summoning monsters, you will have 10 seconds to move your digimon so that each digimon you summon follows him and is within his F3 attack radius.
3) Enjoy summoning, killing and collecting each drop in less than 3 minutes!

Good luck with the drops!
Author: Sujandro
Update: 02/01/2024 11:38:31
Free download macro «DMO Monster card farming» for «Digimon Masters Online». To use it, read the installation instructions.
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Home » Games » Digimon Masters Online » Macro: DMO Monster card farming
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