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Wheel of Fortune + anti-AFC
The macro "Wheel of Fortune + anti-AFC" for "GTA 5 RP" can be downloaded and used on any mouse and keyboard.
Installing the macro is with one movement in the Keyran program and enhances your gaming experience!
The perfect script for shopping, respawning goods and making a profit in the GTA 5 RP game!
The script automatically checks the availability of stores and outlets every few minutes, and also performs several actions to avoid a discount from the server.
The principle of the script: The shopping menu opens, we go to the store we are interested in, wait until the goods are available. If the goods are available, we buy and close the menu, if not, we close the menu and repeat. Then we automatically move in random order with random delays, and then repeat the whole procedure again with a random delay.
The random delay of the script is from 3 to 12 minutes.
Just bind the script to the key, start the game and leave the character without action.
important! IT ONLY WORKS ON HD RESOLUTION (1280x720)! Set the window mode and this permission so that the script works in the best way.
Author: DimShir
Game: GTA 5 RP
Update: 02/04/2024 14:51:46
Free download macro «Wheel of Fortune + anti-AFC» for «GTA 5 RP». To use it, read the installation instructions.
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Home » Games » GTA 5 RP » Macro: Wheel of Fortune + anti-AFC
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