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Lies of P
Lies of P is a stunning and sinister action game that takes players into a decadent and madness-ridden world filled with the very dark and wonderful fairy tales we know and love. Using the motifs of Pinocchio, our hero is an automatic boy who awakens in the mad city of Krat and sets out to find his creator, Mr. Geppetto. In this context, a program called Keyran becomes an invaluable tool. For a game with a combat system as complex as Lies of P, the macros offered by Keyran can be quite useful. By allowing you to customize sequences of actions, macros make it easier to perform complex combinations and special moves. Keyran makes it easy to navigate through literally every obstacle that could be a problem in such a complex environment. From customizing the effective use of weapons to optimizing your ability to modify the main character's body parts!
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Home » Games » Lies of P
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