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The macro "Sorcerer" for "Lineage 2" can be downloaded and used on regular mouse and keyboard.
Installing the macro is with one movement in the Keyran program and enhances your gaming experience!
A macro for an Archmage class magician. An automatic set of commands for using the Surrender To Fire, Prominence, Fire Vortex and Inferno skills in PvP mode. This macro can be useful on PvP servers with a full buff, as it allows you to farm monsters effectively and fight in PvP. It is advisable to choose the minimum delay between commands for smoother execution of actions.
1. Surrender To Fire is a skill that deals damage to an enemy with fire attacks.
2. Prominence is a skill that creates a fiery effect around the magician and causes damage to surrounding enemies.
3. Fire Vortex is a skill that creates a fire tornado and causes damage to all enemies in the area of action.
4. Inferno is a powerful skill that causes a fiery explosion and causes great damage to all enemies in the area of action.
Author: Byakuya
Game: Lineage 2
Update: 01/31/2024 23:19:15
Free download macro «Sorcerer» for «Lineage 2». To use it, read the installation instructions.
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Home » Games » Lineage 2 » Macro: Sorcerer
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