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Metal: Hellsinger
Metal: Hellsinger - the world of hellish rhythm and endless battle! Here music becomes a weapon, and rhythm becomes the key to victory. In this symphony of chaos, Keyran becomes the maestro! Challenge the demons by controlling killer macros. Virtuoso complex attacks to the beat of infernal music. Free your hands from chores, customize your macros to instantly switch weapons. Metal: Hellsinger and "Keyran" combine your skills and the power of macros for a musical apocalypse. Fight to the rhythm of the forces of evil and step up to save a world where every note is a deadly chord. Engage in this infernal ballet by controlling macros with Keyran, and let even the demons fall before your musical fury. When you pick up "Keyran" you become a true guitar hero, a metal warrior ready to face the infernal challenges to the beat of the merciless rhythm game Metal: Hellsinger.
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Home » Games » Metal: Hellsinger
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