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The macro "RedStone" for "Minecraft" can be downloaded and used on simple mouse and keyboard.
Installing the macro is quick and easy in the Keyran program and enhances your gaming experience!
This unique macro is designed specifically for the effective farming of red dust in the Hypixel Skyblock game. First of all, make sure that you have a standard red dust truss installed and the head is set at a 90 degree angle.

To start the macro, turn it on and watch as it automatically activates the process of collecting red dust. However, to speed up the macro, you need to do a few steps:

1. Check that you are wearing shoes with increased speed. Set the speed to 320 so that the macro can work with maximum efficiency.

2. Make sure that the red dust farm is located on the optimal area and all other conditions for successful farming are met.

3. Proceed to activate the macro and enjoy the instant collection of red dust.

This unique macro will significantly increase your efficiency of red dust farming in the Hypixel Skyblock game. Enjoy using it!
Author: MaxiMulian
Game: Minecraft
Update: 11/05/2023 12:07:28
Free download macro «RedStone» for «Minecraft». To use it, read the installation instructions.
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Home » Games » Minecraft » Macro: RedStone
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