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Arrivals to the Depot Counterclockwise 1_arena_mirny - Depot
The macro "Arrivals to the Depot Counterclockwise 1_arena_mirny - Depot" for "MTA Province" can be downloaded and used on regular mouse and keyboard.
Installing the macro is with one movement in the Keyran program and increases your skill level in the game, if you follow the instructions!
We present you another useful macro for automating the work of a monorail driver in the MTA Province game. This macro is called «Depot Arrivals». It is designed for cases when there are problems or emergency situations, and you need to «get» to the Depot.

The instructions for using the macro in such cases are as follows:

1. If you have an uncharacteristic situation or a problem in the game, stop executing the main macro if it was running.

2. Switch to manual control mode and continue to the nearest monorail station. Try to stop the train as close as possible to the column «Stop the first car». To do this, it is enough that the nose of the first car is located between this column and the beginning of the peron.

3. Open the train doors to hear the announcement of the station name.

4. Close the game and assign the desired macro from the series «Arrivals to the Depot» to the key that is convenient for you. The name of the macro can include information about the direction and the name of the station, for example: «Arrivals to the Depot Counterclockwise 1_arena_mirny-Depot». The number before the name of the station indicates the circle from which the arrival begins: the first or second, respectively.

5. Start the game and activate the assigned macro. The macro will automatically close the doors and continue along the route to the Depot.

Notes on using this macro:

1. It is recommended to run the macro with minimal graphics settings with a resolution of 1366x768x32. This will help to avoid possible problems with the display of the game and increase the stability of the macro.

2. The macro provides for random pauses before opening and closing doors, as well as before the train starts moving. This will help make the macro work more realistic and prevent errors.

3. Long delays at stations in the macro allow you to avoid (although they do not guarantee) skipping stations with an unstable connection to the server.

4. When you start the macro, it will independently drive the remaining section of the way to the Depot and will automatically end. After that, you can take up the driver's job again and re-run the macro.

However, the following important points should be taken into account:

1. The use of this macro is at your own risk. Remember that the administrators of the game monitor this kind of automation and can apply appropriate measures. Please use the macro responsibly and follow the rules of the game.

2. It is recommended not to leave the computer for a long time when the macro is running in order to be prepared for possible emergency situations or requests from administrators.

This macro will greatly facilitate your work and will allow you to move almost perfectly between the columns and stop at the «stop of the first car». We also promise to provide you with other macros for trips to the Depot of the monorail in the future.
Author: Nekij
Update: 11/02/2023 12:12:08
Free download macro «Arrivals to the Depot Counterclockwise 1_arena_mirny - Depot» for «MTA Province». To use it, read the installation instructions.
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