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My Summer Car
Welcome to the 1990s, to a backwoods Finnish village, where your summer will be devoted to restoring an old car. You become the master of your garage, taking on carburetors, engines and even subwoofers. It's not just repairing - it's creativity, it's realizing the dream of the perfect car. On this journey, you'll have to make a variety of changes, from cosmetic to global. And this is where the Keyran program and its macros become your faithful companions. They will help you to make your work more efficient, allow you to fine-tune every detail and even reduce the time spent on repairs. My Summer Car is not just a game, it's a unique experience where your talent and Keyran make your garage a place of creativity and achievement. Immerse yourself in this exciting world and embark on an exciting road adventure.
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Home » Games » My Summer Car
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