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One Punch Man: World
One Punch Man: World is a thrilling free action game that epitomizes the world of the webcomic "Wanpunch Man". Immerse yourself in the story of Saitama, a hero who lost his hair but gained strength through endless training. Together with his apprentice Genos, he joins the Heroes Association to battle monsters, villains and disasters in partnership with other heroes. Dive into the diverse open areas of the game world, where completing main and side quests will be an exciting adventure. Playable characters with unique combat skills will add variety to your gaming experience. To overcome any challenge in One Punch Man: World, the Keyran program with its macros will be your reliable ally. Automate actions, make fights more efficient and pump up your hero with maximum effectiveness. With Keyran, every adventure in One Punch Man: World will be even more exciting and dynamic.
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Home » Games » One Punch Man: World
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