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Project Zomboid
Project Zomboid — a unique survival simulator in an apocalyptic world of zombies. Experience the chilling onset of an apocalypse where humanity is at stake. You'll need to survive in a ravaged city where every step could cost you your life. Gather resources, build shelters, search for food and water, avoid zombies and other dangers. Electricity and water are luxuries that will soon disappear. Tough decisions, crafting weapons and shelters — all of this adds a deep survival aspect to the game. The "Keyran" program and macros will be your allies in this deadly struggle. Maximize the efficiency of your actions, strategize, and coordinate your moves. Confront gaming terms like "supply," "crafting," "zombie infection," and prove that your survival is in your hands. Embrace the challenge of Project Zomboid and discover what a person is capable of in the harsh conditions of a zombie apocalypse.
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Home » Games » Project Zomboid
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