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Rise Online
Rise Online - an exciting MMORPG powered by Unreal Engine 4, inspired by the legendary Knight Online. A vast open world awaits you with a rich narrative PvE component and thrilling PvP. Engage in epic battles by choosing one of 4 classes (Rogue, Warrior, Mage, Priest), each with unique subclasses and abilities. And to make your adventures even more effective, use Keyran - the innovative macros system. Hone your skills, accelerate character development, and skillfully navigate battles. With Keyran's macros, you can easily execute complex combos, devise optimal strategies, and overcome obstacles on the path to victory. Don't miss the chance to become a true hero in the world of Rise Online with the help of Keyran - your indispensable companion in the battle for fame and power!
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Home » Games » Rise Online
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