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saque gk uwu
The macro "saque gk uwu" for "Roblox" can be downloaded and used on simple mouse and keyboard.
Installing the macro is very easy in the Keyran program and increases your skill level in the game, if you follow the instructions!
This macro is great for a player in the role of an archer and his kick, as it is a kick with a bend similar to Visu x 3. This kick gives the ball a curve from left to right. The only downside is that some high levels can stop it using «dribble x» or «dribble x + tackle x + pass x».

This kick is optional for the goalkeeper, and if you use a macro (recommended, since it is more convenient), I recommend setting it to the Caps Lock key, since it is not used in the game for other purposes.

If you want to do this stroke manually, here is a combination:

Gk click + Shoot f + shoot q + shoot click

You need to complete this combination as quickly as possible and do it before the impact animation ends.

Hope this helps you :D.
Author: IzzMia
Game: Roblox
Update: 10/30/2023 17:12:36
Free download macro «saque gk uwu» for «Roblox». To use it, read the installation instructions.
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Home » Games » Roblox » Macro: saque gk uwu
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