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Python low sens + wide screen
The macro "Python low sens + wide screen" for "RUST" can be downloaded and used on any mouse and keyboard.
Installing the macro is very simple in the Keyran program and enhances your gaming experience!
Description: This macro is designed specifically for use in the game Rust with a Python revolver at a resolution of 1080x1080. It is designed for players who prefer low mouse sensitivity. The resolution of 1080x1080 allows you to see enemy models on a wide screen, simplifying aiming and increasing the probability of hitting. The macro is optimized to take advantage of this and is ideal for those players who want to improve their shooting accuracy with Python using advanced opponent models. The accuracy of this macro ranges from 85% to 95% of hits. It can be used with both automatic fire and single shots.

Advantages of 1080x1080 resolution:
- Extended models of opponents: Opponents seem to be wider than the erleichtert die Zielerfassung.
- Improved distance estimation: A large-format image helps to better estimate the distance to the target.
- Optimization for close combat: It is suitable for shooting at medium and short distances, where every hit is important.

Activation instructions:
1. Create a custom resolution of 1080x1080 in the settings of your graphics card or processor (it does not take much time and there are guides on the Internet).
2. Set the DPI value to 400 for improved control and accuracy.
3. Open the Rust startup options and enter « -window-mode exclusive» (without quotes).
4. Launch the game, change the permission to the one you created and apply the changes.
5. Open the console in the game.
6. Enter the input.sensitivity 0.25 command to set the standard sensitivity optimized for widescreen resolution.
7. Enter the command input.ads_sensitivity 0.51 to set the sensitivity when aiming, taking into account the characteristics of the resolution and weapon.
8. Activate the macro before using Python in the game.

You can also watch a video demonstrating the use of this macro at the following link: *forbidden link* .
Author: lugtelha
Game: RUST
Update: 02/03/2024 15:06:04
Free download macro «Python low sens + wide screen» for «RUST». To use it, read the installation instructions.
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Home » Games » RUST » Macro: Python low sens + wide screen
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