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SCP: Secret Laboratory
Welcome to the dark world of SCP: Secret Laboratory, where co-op and horror meet. In this free MMO game on PC you will have to explore a mysterious classified laboratory complex, where once conducted horrible and inexplicable experiments on humans. However, the misfortune did not end here. Due to a software glitch, mutants and monsters managed to free themselves from their cells, and now you and your friends are trapped in this gloomy laboratory, where survival has become your only goal. This is where the Keyran program and its macros become your reliable savior. In the fight for survival and victory over the horrors of the laboratory, you will be able to fine-tune your actions with the help of macros, which makes them very useful in this deadly game. SCP: Secret Laboratory - where your skills and Keyran can make the difference between life and death. Are you ready for this grim challenge?
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Home » Games » SCP: Secret Laboratory
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