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The macro "Wa2000" for "Stalcraft" can be downloaded and used on any mouse and keyboard.
Installing the macro is in the Keyran program and enhances your gaming experience!
The macro for automatic recoil suppression on the WA2000 assault rifle is a very useful tool that allows you to make weapon control more stable and accurate. Using this macro, you will be able to control the recoil and shoot with maximum accuracy.

But before you start using the macro, you need to make a few settings for your keyboard and mouse in the game. In the «Settings» section, select «Keyboard/Mouse» and set the following parameters: «Mouse sensitivity» - 1.5, «Proximity sensitivity» - 1, «Direct connection» - ON, «Mouse Acceleration» - OFF. Also make sure that the «mouse DPI» value is 800.

Also, you need to enter several commands in the game console. Open the command console, enter the following commands: «sensitivity «1.50»», «zoom_sensitivity_ratio_mouse «1.0»», «m_rawinput «1»», «m_customaccel «0»». These commands will set additional parameters for more precise mouse control.

The WA2000 assault rifle has the following characteristics: damage - 107, rate of fire - 200, recoil control - 18/26, movement speed - 215/250, reloading time - 2.5 seconds, aiming range - 36 meters, armor penetration - 77.5%, power of the shot - 200, magazine capacity - 30/90, cartridge type - 7.62x39 mm. For each kill, you will receive loot as a reward. The cost of this assault rifle is 90 Siv.

To use a macro to automatically suppress recoil, you need to assign it to a hotkey. It is recommended to use the key combination B-4-2 to activate the macro.

Now that you have configured all the parameters and assigned a hotkey to activate the macro, you can happily use it in the game. The macro emulates mouse movement, which allows you to suppress recoil and shoot more accurately. Use it with pleasure and achieve great results on the battlefield!
Author: Furgon228
Game: Stalcraft
Update: 09/09/2023 14:00:38
Free download macro «Wa2000» for «Stalcraft». To use it, read the installation instructions.
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Home » Games » Stalcraft » Macro: Wa2000
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