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Sword Art Online 2
Sword Art Online 2 is a free multiplayer game based on the motifs of everyone's favorite anime Sword Art Online. The game offers you to plunge into the unique virtual world of Aincrad, where every step can be your last, because death in the game means death in reality. However, it is here that you can taste real adventures, feel friendship and even experience love. In the game you will meet characters from the anime series, create your own squad and take part in epic battles against various enemies and powerful bosses. To increase your chances of winning, you can use the help of the keyran program and its macros. With the help of Keyran macros you will be able to automate some actions in the game, which will greatly simplify your playthrough. For example, you can set up automatic attacks on enemies or use certain skills in battle.
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Home » Games » Sword Art Online 2
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