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armor king combo
The macro "armor king combo" for "Tekken 7" can be downloaded and used on any mouse and keyboard.
Installing the macro is very simple in the Keyran program and increases your skill level in Tekken 7, if you follow the instructions!
This macro for the game Tekken 7 allows you to perform combos with db2 (attacking down and back from the lower right corner). It was designed for the Armor King character. In the video available by URL https://youtu.be/SklOJryMeUk , you can see a demonstration of the operation of this macro.

Armor King is a title given to two characters in the Tekken series. In games, they are simply called the King of Armor. Armor King is a professional wrestler and sometimes a rival and sometimes a friend of the King character. He has a muscular build with brown skin, and he almost always hides his identity behind his trademark jaguar mask. He also has fangs and a scar reflecting his injury. In rare cases, he can be seen without a mask, for example, in the finale of Tekken 3 King II, although his face remains invisible. It is known that he has shoulder-length black hair.

For the macro to work correctly in the game, you need to make the following key settings:
- Up - W
- Down - S
- Left - A
- Right - D
- 1 - Insert
- 4 - End
- 2 - Home
- 3 - Delete
- 1+2 - Page Up
- 3+4 - Page Down

The macro was tested on the latest patch of the game, which was released on 12.09.2023 (version 5.01). If you have problems, try disabling the minimum delay and enabling the «Use driver» option. In case of additional questions or problems, you can contact the author of the macro in the discord by the username flkpa#4883 or contact support on the website https://keyran.net/discord .

Use this macro to enjoy playing Tekken 7 with the Armor King character! 

#armorkingtekken7 #tekken7 #tekken.
Author: madeinchina
Game: Tekken 7
Update: 09/12/2023 19:25:34
Free download macro «armor king combo» for «Tekken 7». To use it, read the installation instructions.
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Home » Games » Tekken 7 » Macro: armor king combo
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