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Torchlight 2
Welcome to the world of adventure and danger in "Torchlight 2" - the sequel to the captivating fantasy role-playing action game! Here, once again, you'll face the challenge of the destruction left behind by the villainous Alchemist. But this time, you're not alone - new heroes are ready to defend their world. You'll need to choose your hero from four classes and customize them down to the smallest details, including gender and unique appearance traits. Each character has their own playstyle and abilities that will help you tackle any challenges. And this is where "Keyran" comes into play - a program that will allow you to create and customize macros to optimize gameplay in "Torchlight 2". Save your favorite attack combinations, reduce time spent on routine tasks, automate repetitive actions - all of this is possible with macros.
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Home » Games » Torchlight 2
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