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Warface Event 2023
The macro "Warface Event 2023" for "Warface" can be downloaded and used on any mouse and keyboard.
Installing the macro is with one movement in the Keyran program and increases your skill level in Warface, if you follow the instructions!
Get ready for an exciting and scary adventure in Warface! This Halloween event will bring with it a gloomy atmosphere that will make you tremble at the knees. Fight hordes of creepy opponents on specially designed maps for this occasion. Arm yourself with Halloween weapons like the 'Nightmare Lady' shotgun and the 'Sinister Reaper' sniper rifle. Complete challenging missions to earn exclusive rewards, including scary weapon skins, scary character costumes, and more. Also, take part in special activities such as ghost hunting and supernatural boss battles. Don't forget to check out the black market, where you'll find rare and limited-edition items. Take on the Halloween mood and show your enemies that the real horror is you!
Author: Rayzin
Game: Warface
Update: 11/07/2023 21:48:04
Free download macro «Warface Event 2023» for «Warface». To use it, read the installation instructions.
Size 22.00 Kb | Downloaded 40 times
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Home » Games » Warface » Macro: Warface Event 2023
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