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  1. how can i purchase licenses with points?
  2. Mahmoud

    Macros Rust

    thank u
  3. Mahmoud

    is there license key giveaways?

    i think i read somewhere here that it used to be license giveaways is there any?
  4. Mahmoud


    i like that
  5. i saw a post mentioning the wheel of luck for points i think how can i find it?
  6. Mahmoud

    Испытай Удачу

    what is the wheel of luck?
  7. Mahmoud

    Is keyran safe for crossfire?

    would i get banned if i used it in crossfire?
  8. u can either get the daily demo or points for free license
  9. Mahmoud

    translated website to English

    i hope the forum to support English language soon