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"Boomz!" - is more than just a game, it's an exciting and fun online shooter with elements of strategy, where animated characters have fun fighting, marrying, taking care of their farms and raising pets. If you are looking for a refuge from the daily hustle and bustle and want to raise your mood, then "Boomz!" is created just for you! In this world where so many things are happening at once, a macro management program like Keyran can be very useful. Keyran allows you to create automatic sequences of actions (macros), making gameplay smoother and more efficient. For example, you can set up macros to automatically take care of your farm and pets, to be able to focus on combat, or vice versa. Keyran macros can be customized for any style of game, you just need to define what operations you want to automate, and the program will perform them for you.
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Home » Games » Boomz!
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