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Lethal Company
Lethal Company: Heights of Galactic Brilliance with Keyran! Welcome to the world of Lethal Company, where heroes battle to mine scrap metal from mysterious moons for incredible adventure and riches. Your goal is to explore distant locations, embellish your spaceship with stylish costumes and jewelry, bringing your unique style to life. To maximize your success in this space adventure, Keyran and its macros come to the rescue. In the world of Lethal Company, where every decision counts, Keyran will be your faithful companion, ensuring efficient environmental scanning, task optimization, and profit maximization. With Keyran, every journey you take will become more exciting and every battle more efficient. Advance to new levels, conquer galactic peaks, and create a unique trail of brilliance with Lethal Company and Keyran. Show the universe who the real space hero is!
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Home » Games » Lethal Company
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