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  1. Are the bonuses comulative? Example: if i upload 5 macros today, will i get just one day or five days of premium?
  2. accidentally uploaded an old version of my macro, what should i do?
  3. I'm toxic player of dead by daylight, and sometimes i miss the opportunity to say something to the killer during the match because the game doesn't have a in-game chat. This caused me to think other ways of saying something to the killer (other than tea bagging and flashlight click). After some time thinking i ended in the idea of making an amazing macro that would click a lantern that would say something to the killer in morse. I know, the chance of another player knowing how to read morse is almost zero, but just for the meme of saying something toxic to the killer i ended up making a macro that is capable of clicking "fuck you" in morse to the killer. flashlight - fuck you in morse.mekscript
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