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  1. WhiteRascal

    English Language Only

    I dont understand russian so im also hoping that it can be translate
  2. WhiteRascal


    If i start the macro my game is crashing it is normal?How to fix it?
  3. WhiteRascal


    Does shotgun macro will still fuction even without quick change?
  4. WhiteRascal


    Zombie Slayer macro that dont need to change like that?
  5. WhiteRascal


    Does anyone have recommendation shotgun macro?
  6. WhiteRascal


    If i macro a no recoil the gun keep shooting is it part of the macro?
  7. WhiteRascal

    Просим халяву тут

    Will i be able to get premim if i report bugs??
  8. WhiteRascal

    Просим халяву тут

    Where i can report bugs?
  9. WhiteRascal

    Просим халяву тут

    Where can i get free key?
  10. WhiteRascal

    Просим халяву тут

    How to find the Support ID?
  11. WhiteRascal

    Просим халяву тут

    How to get points faster?
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