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    Loot Farming Macro Help $$$

    where can i find this cheat bot, i used to have a loot macro, used the program autoit but i cant figure out how it was made for me. i lost it.
  2. Hello, looking for help creating a loot macro to loot the corpse of a dead NPC inventory. The inventory pops up once you click on the dead NPC. All of this happens in the same frames, NPC dies from AOE macros in the same area. Need a mouse macro to click around coordinates in a box, once it finds a dead NPC it needs to loot its inventory, once looted continue to click and search for another dead NPC, and repeat. Find Dead NPC Loot Inventory Close Inventory Find Dead NPC Loot Inventory Close Inventory Must click all over the screen in set coordinates as the NPC fall in random spots in the same window, but near eachother more or less. Need Help, Willing to pay for it if done well.
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