How to place a macro in a common base

Publish a macro to a shared database

In order to place your macro in the common base of ready-made files, go to "Editor".

  1. Select the macro you want to upload to the shared database;
  2. Click the "Share/Extend" button.

The file setup window will appear, you must perform the following steps:
  1. Enter the name of the macro;
  2. Select the category under which the macro was written;
  3. Describe your macro in detail and qualitatively;
  4. If desired, leave a comment for the moderator;
  5. Clicking on the button "Publish file in the database", thus you will send your macro for review by the moderator.

What you should know before submitting a macro for verification:
  • Macros must be unique, with a unique description and name;
  • The structure must be working;
  • Macros will be reviewed within 24 hours by a moderator;
  • After approval or rejection of your macro, you will receive a notification on the forum in the "PM";
  • If your macro is approved, you will automatically receive 1 to 7 days of premium credit.
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